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As a health and lifestyle writer, editor, and coach for 20 years, I’ve supported authors, health professionals and other influencers create cherished masterworks—even a few award-winning ones. While my specialty is the plant-based lifestyle, I am passionate about many health topics including compassion, creativity, spirituality, and consciousness. Recently, I've had the great pleasure of editing memoirs and a compilation of drabbles (short works of fiction of exactly 100 words, no more, no less). What great experiences.

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Live Your Best Life by Elizabeth Brinson, MSN, FNP, FAAMFM, ABAAHP

Health is simply the result of making health-promoting choices, regularly and consistently, about the basics; it cannot happen any other way. Eat as if you lived in the Garden of Eden (fruits and vegetables), supplement appropriately, exercise regularly, ensure plenty of sleep, rest, and relaxation, spend time in nature, and cultivate spiritual, mental, and social well-being. This is what Live Your Best Life gives you, along with plenty of suggestions for lifestyle solutions that will produce better health.

Humanual: A Manual for Being Human by Betsy Polatin

Each of us has an everyday self that we assume our self to be. But what if there is more to us than meets the eye? What if there is an expanded version of our self that includes not only the habitual patterns, the lost parts, and the innate organization but also a connection to the grand, scintillating space of the universe and the possibilities it offers us? HUMANUAL is a unique and comprehensive approach to self-knowledge and self-improvement, offering a clear, concise, and rather simple set of explanations and exercises to facilitate understanding and unity of body, mind, and spirit.

A Twist of Lemon: 100 Curious Stories in Exactly 100 Words

Wickedly funny, suspenseful, intense, and intriguing, you will be immediately drawn into to these one hundred word stories—aka “drabbles”—masterfully crafted by Arlene Duane Hemingway. Every word has been carefully chosen for style and content to create mesmerizing tales and characters. Covering a range of topics and emotions, this collection of 100 of the briefest narratives provide plenty of food for thought with enough love, hatred, malice, surprise, humor, deception, reckoning, treachery, and mystery, for all. If this is your first experience with microfiction, you will soon be hooked. If you are already a fan of the genre, prepare to be delighted.

The Healthy Vegetarian: Healing Yourself, Healing Our Planet by Gary Null Ph.D

New York Times’ best-selling author, Gary Null, Ph.D., with more than 70 titles to his name and nearly 40 million books sold to date offers this complete guide to becoming a successful and truly healthy vegetarian. In his characteristically engaging and matter-of-fact style, Dr. Null not only forwards a brilliant and thorough discussion on the importance of the vegetarian diet and how to be successful at it, but an in-depth understanding of the foundational spiritual practices of the lifestyle a

Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: Healing Through Natural Foods by Gary Null Ph.D.

Inflammation, a condition chiefly perpetuated by the high-fat, high-sugar, chemical-laden foods of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), is now commonly accepted as a primary cause of the lifestyle diseases plaguing us today. In this widely acclaimed book, Dr. Null proves that healthy vegan vegetarian eating is both delicious and easy! If you want to prevent and reverse diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease, devour these dishes, and make them the focal point of your new eati

Reverse Arthritis & Pain Naturally: A Proven Approach to a Pain-Free Life by Gary Null Ph.D.

According to most conventional physicians, there is no way to prevent or reverse arthritis and other lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This is simply untrue. In this timely and essential offering, New York Times bestselling author Gary Null, Ph.D. presents the astonishing results of a study on his anti-arthritis protocol where 80% of participants demonstrated a reduction of pain symptoms in only three weeks! Learn this valuable protocol and how to live a pain-free life.

Palm Beach Pain Relief System: A Clinically-proven, Natural and Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pain, Arthritis & Injuries by Daniel I Nuchovich M.D.

Dr. Nuchovich created the Palm Beach Pain Relief Program after reluctantly receiving a natural health treatment for a debilitating sports injury. The treatment changed his life and career forever and propelled him quickly into a rigorous study and application of integrative medicine, which utilizes the best of allopathic and natural medicine. Gary Null, Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling Author & Award-winning Health Advocate had this to say about Dr. Nuchovich’s book: “For those of you who are s

Healthful Cuisine: Accessing the Lifeforce Within You Through Raw and Living Foods by Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., w/ Chefs Kelly Serbonich and Chad Sarno

For 25 years, Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D. has been the co-director and chief health administrator of the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, originally in Boston, and now in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is considered one of the leading experts in live blood-cell analysis, a revolutionary research tool that assesses a person's state of health. Dr. Anna Maria embarked on her professional career as a practitioner of natural health care when she assumed the directorship of the Branda

EcoDiet: Alkalize Your Internal Environment and Create a Healthy, Vibrant Life by Toni Toney

Human health is deeply connected to the health of planet Earth. Like Earth, the body is an intricate ecosystem of interdependent organisms relying upon one another to thrive. Factors such as unsuitable foods and chemical toxicity damage and destroy the body’s delicate balance and lead to disease. Author Toni Toney learned this first-hand. After collapsing to the floor and—just a few days later—learning from her doctors that she may die within days, Toney was forced to surrender. The modern-day miracles that happened next not only helped Toney save her life (and spare her young children from the pain of losing their mother) but also put her on the path to creating a vibrant and healthy life.

Good Stress: Living Younger Longer by Terry Lyles Ph.D.

Seeing stress as good is essential for achieving a youthful and vibrant life, says America’s “Stress Doctor,” Terry Lyles, Ph.D. This ground-breaking book—inspired by years of rescue work at some the world’s worst disasters: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Thailand—shows you how. Dr. Lyles has appeared on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, NBC, ABC, USA Today, CNN, HLN, and FOX NEWS, and in U.S. News & World Report as a Corporate Performance Enhancement and Life-Balance Specialist. His powerful insights and simple exercises make it easy for you to master one of life’s greatest paradoxical challenges.