Writing & Editing Samples - Lynn Komlenic

Editing Work

Most of my editing work is developmental, meaning I am concerned with the structure and content of a book. Working alongside authors, I help create, develop, and refine text to improve flow and understanding. The value of a good developmental editor is that they can identify and fix gaps in understanding and recommend additions that enhance the reading experience. My rich history in health and wellness provides me an advantage in this arena.

Example of deeply edited work, which included brainstorming, writing and co-writing
Physical Stress - Cracking the Stress Code

Compiled this chapter from several of the author's previously published works
Change...It's Essential to Health and Healing - The Healthy Vegetarian

Technical editing
Understanding and Treating Arthritic Conditions - Palm Beach Pain Relief System

Content created from another of the author's work
Introduction - Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook

Developmental editing/story telling
Introduction - Cracking the Stress Code

Original Creative Writing

At times an author asks me to create original content from themes, ideas or research. These samples were mostly conceived, researched, and written completely by me.

Conceived, researched and wrote the content of this chapter:
The Lifestyle of a Healthy Vegetarian - The Healthy Vegetarian

Conceived idea for this Introduction and wrote contents, pulling from multiple sources:
Introduction - Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook

Conceived, researched and wrote (includes bibliography):
Brain Health - Brochure Excerpt

Created in collaboration with author; combination of writing and editing
The Practice of Alignment - Cracking the Stress Code