Lynn Komlenic, Biography

Writer & Editor, specializing in healthy lifestyles, including vegan and vegetarian living, personal growth, communication, spirituality, and consciousness development

Lynn has been writing and editing in the health & wellness field for nearly 20 years. In the last decade, she has spent much of her time serving as manuscript editor for Essential Publishing out of North Palm Beach, Florida, where she oversaw the editing and production of more than a dozen books, including three cookbooks. The pinnacle of her tenure was leading a team that accomplished 11 prestigious book awards in two years.

In addition to her editorial duties, Lynn was also responsible for creating and producing a full array of promotional materials for authors including newsletters, marketing brochures, advertisements, and website copy. Prior to her tenure with Essential Publishing, Lynn served as Managing Editor of Natural Health and Fitness, NYC’s most widely distributed natural health magazine.

While Lynn’s interest in writing began at the age of six, her passion for natural health and personal and spiritual growth became a driving force in early adulthood, when she yearned to connect more deeply to healthy living. Determined to create a life that she loved, she became an avid reader and student of psychology, personal development, environmental sustainability, plant-based lifestyles, consciousness development, communication, and spirituality. To this day, she embodies deep knowledge of the principles and practices that infuse and influence her work and relationships.

In her spare time, you will find Lynn in the mountains, or coaching people about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - a globally-celebrated practice that promotes connection through empathy and dialogue.


"Lynn's writing, editing, and production of books have been invaluable to me and my small publishing company. The 11 book awards that we have accomplished would not have been possible without her vision, skill, and attention to detail."
       -- B. Connolly, Founder & Owner of Essential Publishing

"I am pleased to give Lynn the highest recommendation possible as writer and editor. When Lynn says YES to a project, she not only puts her great writing and editing skills into action, she also puts her heart and soul into action! Lynn gives her projects her all! I have worked with her now on several book projects and sing her highest praises! Good Writing definitely Works! Thank you, Lynn!"
       -- T. Toney, Author of The Ecotarian Diet

"Lynn's talent is unquestionable. She brings brilliance as well as compassion to her writing, and has a gift for capturing my voice, and knowing what is in my head."
       -- C. Hirsch, Found and Owner of Prepare to Care Emergency Companions

"I have known Lynn for most of her life and am honored to write a review about her. Lynn is one of my favorite people. She has a fantastic aura about her and is a pure joy to be around. She has impeccable character, an unrelenting work ethic, an amazing ability to interact with people through the written and spoken word, and has astute insights into human behavior. She excels in all her endeavors and possesses a gift for rallying folks around a common goal. People look to Lynn for sage advice and friendship, both of which she offers selflessly. She will make an immeasurable contribution to any company that is fortunate enough to employ her."
       -- D. Davies, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Partner at Force Management

"I greatly appreciate the work you have done and you are an amazing writer!
       -- B. Polatin, author of The Actor's Secret