Book Writing & Editing
Would you like to write an award-winning book? Four of the books that I have managed have won a total of 11 awards. I am an expert at developmental editing: I focus on suggestions for additions or deletions that create a strong presentation and increased marketing appeal. My education and decades of experience in health, wellness and lifestyle concerns gives me an edge as an editor; it allows me to help you create engaging and understandable text.

Program Development & Presentations
Do you need a program or presentation that inspires? I love teaching, and good teachers find creative ways to present information that makes learning easier and more enjoyable. I have developed and taught numerous health and communication classes of my own but also for clients. My ability to break concepts down into simple, understandable
pieces with doable action steps gets results!

Creative Writing
What is it that you want to convey to your audience? One of the amazing aspects of working with words is the energy that they take on when woven in various sequences. Words are beautiful on their own but putting them together can move people. If authentic writing that expresses who you are and what is important to you is your key objective, I'd be delighted to help!

Tributes, Letters & More
Good writing requires passion and love, heart and intuition. When crafting pieces, I take time to know who you are and what you want to accomplish. Good writing moves people and that is what I aim to do! One of my great pleasures and talents is to create personalized communications that create more peace and ease in family or work dynamics. Whatever your needs, I am committed to the most elevating and inspiring creations.

Solid marketing and advertising copy are essential for making an impression and influencing customers. In my 30-year career in the health field, I have composed the full array of business materials - letters, brochures, flyers, announcements, advertisements, blogs, manuals, business plans, and more. Compelling copy is the name of this game...

Production Oversight
No matter what your graphics team is creating for the public, it is essential to have editorial oversight. So often during the layout phase, content is inadvertently misplaced, mistreated, or left out. Editorial oversight ensures the best possible final product. My creative and detailed eye minimizes errors while maximizing success.